5 September 2023

Rally can be eco-friendly too!

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Organisers and participants of motorsport events also need to take measures that contribute to reducing the environmental impact of these competitions. Motorsport has always been an indicator of technological development, and now it also has the chance to become a vehicle for promoting responsible and environmentally friendly attitudes among participants and fans.

When organising the Silesian Rally, we not only want to reduce the environmental impact of our event, but also to show and inspire all participants in the event to also accept some of the responsibility. That is why we have prepared a handful of tips for competitors, their teams and also for rally fans.

Guide for rally participants

  • Remember to segregate your rubbish and put it in the correct waste bins
  • Outside special stages, try to keep engine speeds low to reduce noise and CO2 emissions
  • Always use liquid-proof film when refuelling and in the service park
  • Try to reduce noise in the service park
  • Do not use disposable plastic dishes and cutlery
  • Washing of rally cars is only allowed in designated areas
  • Limit the use of cars: move on foot, on bicycles or scooters
  • Use public transport: the special stages in Katowice and Chorzów can be conveniently reached by tram or bus

Report all environmental incidents and hazards to the following e-mail address: office@rajdslaska.pl