How to behave at a rally?

  1. Do not cover the organiser’s information boards
  2. Do not leave children unattended on the rally route
  3. Secure all pets so that they do not enter the rally route
  4. Do not throw any objects on the rally route
  5. Do not drink alcohol
  6. Warn others when you see that their behaviour poses a danger
  7. Do not litter the rally route. Respect other people’s property and do not damage it!
  8. Do not ignore the law enforcement services. Follow all the instructions they give!
Rajd Śląska


If you see such signs along the SS route, it means a particularly dangerous place and people are strictly prohibited in the area! Choose another, safer place!

  • Take a special care along the special stage route.
  • Do not stand in marked space, in front of tapes or in places marked with “no people allowed” signs – these places are particularly dangerous.
  • Do not stay in places that prevent escape.